Exclude Internal Traffic Bookmarklet

Drag the following bookmarklet to your browser's bookmark bar. Navigate to your website. Click the bookmarklet. You are now set as Internal Traffic & Omni Lab will handle the rest.

Properly measuring traffic in Google Analytics is key to being able to optimize for your company's main site metrics and revenue goals. One often overlooked aspect of proper tracking is differentiating internal traffic (your work computer, laptop, or office) from external, relevant traffic. One issue that stands in the way of excluding internal traffic from Google Analytics is the fact that may of us have dynamic IP addresses which change often. In this scenario simply excluding a iPv4 will not do.

Dragging a bookmarklet is simple, right? Well, that's half the story. Next steps are to read the cookie via custom javascript and ensure that Google Analytics is indeed excluding your properly. Contact us if you need any help.