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Paid Media Strategy Tailored for Your Business

Omni Lab will craft a bespoke paid media strategy, uniquely designed to align with your business's objectives, target market, and brand messaging. The tailored strategy includes selecting the best platforms for your business, determining the optimal spending allocation for each, and outlining the kind of content that should be promoted.

Conversion Tracking Across All Channels

Omni Lab will implement a robust tracking system for your campaigns across all channels. This includes setting up conversion funnels, goals, and events tracking in your analytics software. These insights will help you understand your customer's journey, identify bottlenecks, and optimize your campaigns for better ROI.

Ad Channels Managed and Optimized to Drive Pipeline

Omni Lab offers comprehensive ad channels management, including Google Ads, social media platforms, display networks, and more. This involves regular monitoring, updating, and optimizing your ad campaigns to ensure they effectively reach your target audience and contribute to your sales pipeline growth.

Chat with Omni Team via Slack &

You will have direct, real-time access to the Omni Lab team for quick updates and decision-making. We use collaborative platforms like Slack and, ensuring you're kept in the loop about your campaigns and can easily communicate your needs or concerns.

Ad Creatives That Engage Your Audience

Omni Lab's creative team will design eye-catching static ad creatives to capture your audience's attention and generate interest in your offerings. These visuals will be crafted to align with your brand's identity and to resonate with your target demographic.

Campaign Calendar to Plan for Future Campaigns

To keep your marketing efforts organized and efficient, Omni Lab will provide a campaign calendar. This tool will outline all upcoming campaigns, including key dates, deliverables, and targets, enabling better planning and resource allocation.

A/B Test Creatives That Move Your Audience

Omni Lab will regularly perform A/B testing on your ad creatives to identify the most effective elements. This could involve testing different visuals, ad copy, CTAs, or even landing pages to find what truly resonates with your audience and drives conversions.

Bi-weekly 60min Strategy and Performance Meeting

Every two weeks, you'll meet with the Omni Lab team for an hour to discuss strategy and performance. This is your opportunity to delve into campaign results, discuss potential optimizations, and align on upcoming strategic initiatives.

Qualitative and Quantitative Reports

Omni Lab will deliver regular, comprehensive reports on your campaign performance. These reports will include both quantitative data (like click-through rates, conversion rates, etc.) and qualitative insights (like audience behavior, campaign reception, etc.), providing a well-rounded understanding of your campaign's impact.

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Frequently asked quesions

What ad channels are included in the retainer?

All retainers include management for the following channels: Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, Display (GDN & Adroll), Reddit, and Twitter. If there isn't an ad channel here, reach out and ask us if we can support it.

Can we customize our pricing package?

Yes. The price will be based on how much you spend per month in ad spend; we can accommodate any ad spend although we'd recommend a minimum of $5k - $10k/month.

If you already have an in-house creative team that wants to build out the ad creative for Omni Lab, then revised pricing can be applied.

How do you communicate with our team?

We'll invite you to a shared Slack channel and a board for project management purposes. During onboarding we will meet every week to improve alignment between our team and yours, then we'll move to a bi-weekly 60min cadences to review performance and discuss new campaigns.

How long does onboarding take?

On average 10-20 days depending on the number of paid channels being managed.

Who are your ideal clients?

B2B SaaS companies Seed to Series C, post product market fit, and have a marketing team of 1-10+.

How do you bill?

3 month contract, 30 day out, with monthly invoicing.

What type of ad creative is included?

All packages include building out static ads in all the formats available across social channels. In addition, we will build out landing pages where needed.

Video and animation creative is billed separately.

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