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We are Omni Lab

We are on a mission to help B2B SaaS brands create and capture demand in a buyer centric way.

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about us

What does Omni Lab do?

We help Seed to Series B B2B SaaS companies create and capture demand through the effective distribution of content and messaging across paid media channels.

We align with how buyers want to consume information and then put that in the channels where they spend time.

Your pipeline and revenue target is what we align with. Then we work to optimize your demand gen funnel to meet those goals.

Our Values

Here are our core values

These values shape the way we think about working with you


No matter how ugly or pretty it is, we give you the truth. It may be a bit uncomfortable, but it is the only way we can get better together.


No corporate jargon or over hyping marketing concepts that should be made simple. We will treat you as if you were part of our family.


We approach everything with you and your clients in mind first. We hate friction in B2B and we work hard to remove it in order to provide your clients a better experience.


We give away our best ideas and believe that giving back with no strings attached is the best policy. We'll also make sure to buy you a cup of coffee when you're in town.

Our Team

Meet the team at Omni Lab

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John Carter

CEO & Co-Founder

Clark Howell

CTO & Co-Founder

Miranda Summers

Head of Marketing

Amazing to work with...

"Omni Lab Consulting has been amazing to work with. They helped reengineer our Google Analytics so we could better understand what digital channels were performing best..."

Omni Lab has been integral...

"Omni Lab has been integral to setting up and scaling our demand gen engine at Drata. They focus on the right metrics that have led to accelerated growth, and record month over month pipeline generation and closed won opportunities."

Helped fill in the blanks...

“Jonathan was instrumental in helping us stand up a new growth function at Capital.  Jonathan helped fill in the blanks and ultimately helped our team set 50 meetings and $18M in pipeline..."

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