Thank you for scheduling your monthly planning meeting!

To prepare for the next iteration of paid media, we must start thinking about content and messaging. It's essential for you to spend some time thinking about the following topics - as your internal team will have internal knowledge that is important in helping guide our marketing initiatives.

Here are a few things to think about in preparation for our next call:

What new Product Marketing (aka "value props") have you internally identified and want to promote in the upcoming marketing refresh?

What new TOFU (guides, blogs, educational content) do you feel would best resonate with your target audience for the upcoming marketing refresh?

What new Social Proof are you able to collect? We suggest continually collecting new testimonials and quotes for use in paid media.

Are there any upcoming Events that you would like to promote?Are there any changes to your Audience Targeting criteria that we should know about?

It's also important to review your Onboarding & Advertising Doc from time to time to make sure the information that you've provided us is up to date.

Looking forward to our next meeting!